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Cyril Despres is left nursing his wounds after a nasty shoulder injury. It won’t be long though until Cyril is once again head and shoulders above the rest.

I had just come back from my holiday and was looking forward to racing my bike again. I was due to race in Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge this weekend but that’s not going to happen because of my injury.

When I got back from my holiday I took part in a buggy race with a special team-mate called Stephane Peterhansel. We went racing together in the buggy for a weekend and we covered about 500km through day and night. After that I returned home because my training schedule demanded it.

Because the weather allowed it I was getting back into shape by going touring skiing. That’s when you climb mountains with special skis that have leather on the bottom of them. When I was going down one of the mountains I had a little crash and I fell on a shoulder that I have had problems with in the past. One of the tendons in my shoulder was stretched and another tendon was broken in half.

'Of course there was some pain but I still tried to jump on my bike anyway'

Of course there was some pain but I still tried to jump on my bike anyway just to see how it felt. After about two minutes on the bike I got off and said okay, no way. It was then that I realised that the crash on the mountain was obviously pretty serious.

I went to make some x-rays with the doctor and then we talked about how I’m going to recover from this injury. Now I’m going to see the physio for two hours everyday. This is not an injury that you can fix with a plaster, it’s something you need to work on with specific exercises.

So now I have the physio four days a week here in Andorra and also one day a week I have an appointment with a physio in France. The doctor in France has told me that I’m off the bike for three weeks. I’ve come back from similar injuries before, it’s hard work but I know I’ll be back on the bike in a few weeks time. Oh well, shit happens!

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