Travis Pastrana took over Panama City's Nitro City resort for the first annual Nitrothon, an action sport´s relay with some of the biggest names in action sports, tons of fun and even a bit of cheating... Watch each episode in which the stars employ ANY MEANS NECESSARY to get to the top!

Featuring Team X Games (Travis Pastrana, Chad Kagy, Mathew Johnson, and Parks Bonifay) versus Team Basic Cable Celebrity (Dusty Wygle, Andy Bell, Tommy Passemente, Eric Roner) versus Team Women (Lyn-z Adams Pastrana Sarah Burke, Susi Mai, Tarah Gieger) versus Team Locals (James Rossiter, Gary Saavedra, Batman, and Ruben Lenten), and don't sleep on the Celebrity Shot crew: Sheriff Ron Bateman, Chrissy Beavis, Roland Sands, and Brian Grubb

The first challenge is a stand up paddle battle, and the rules are: "No rules, knock each other off—begin."


In Round 2 of the Nitrothon, a wakeboard relay leads to some innovations in the sport. Turns out, it's often faster to simply ditch the board. And your trunks.


In Round 3 the teams, armed and dangerous, battle it out in head-to-head combat on the Big Buck Hunter arcade game. No buck, bear, elk, moose, duck...or doe, for that matter, is safe. Watch to the end to see whether a mishmashed crew of Basic Cable Celebrities can outgun Team X Games athletes for the win. Keeping in mind that this is a skill you pick up by hanging out in too many pizza joints or drinking establishments.


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