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Storm Surfers 3D is the epic tale of Red Bull big-wave surfer, Ross Clarke-Jones, and two-time world champion, Tom Carroll, as they join forces in their quest to conquer the hugest and most dangerous waves in Australia.

This epic documentary sees Ross and Tom enlist the help of surf forecaster Ben Matson to hunt down and chase giant storms across the Great Southern Ocean. Braving enormous wave, freezing conditions and near-death experiences is all in a day's work, as the film follows the two thrill seekers during the 2011 winter big-wave season.

Legendary surfer, Kelly Slater, makes an appearance as they conquer giant waves in WA, on the east coast and in Tasmania, all in stunning 3D. Ross Clarke-Jones’ love of big waves led him to become one of the first to ride a jet ski out to the largest breaks and pioneer the new sport of tow-surfing. He is world renowned for his fearless-to-the-point-of-psycho approach to big wave surfing.

“I don’t know what happened when he was a kid. He must have had a stressful situation in his household,” theorises six-time world champion Kelly Slater about Ross’ approach to mammoth waves.

Ross still rates the ‘Biggest Wednesday’ at Jaws, Hawaii, in 1998 as the largest waves he’s ever seen. “That day had calculated waves of 45 feet, which works out to about 90 foot faces,” he said. “That’s still the biggest day I’ve seen, and ridden.”

This year, Ross, Tom and Ben embark on the most dangerous mission of their lives, taking on a wave that has never before been ridden, 75 kilometres from land.

Storm Surfers 3D is the culmination of more than six years work. Co-directors Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan first teamed-up in 2005 to shoot The Sixth Element, a biopic about Ross Clarke-Jones, and the trio were drawn together by their mutual passion for surfing and adventure. When Tom Carroll and Ben Matson joined the team on their mission to Japan the essential concept for the future Storm Surfers 3D was realised.

Riding the world’s biggest and most dangerous waves wasn’t the biggest challenge of making Storm Surfers 3D. There were also some extraordinary feats of logistics required to capture the action in the highest possible definition. Among the great innovations was the creation of unique, world-first camera rigs to house the 26 3D cameras used on the shoot, along with myriad devices to keep water off the lenses. What’s more, the Storm Surfers crew developed entirely new post-production techniques to process the 1,500 hours of footage – that equates to 135 million frames of footage all in perfect 3D!

The Australian theatrical premiere will take place on August 14 amd will be touring the country during August and September. To find the nearest screening, check out

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